A very Happy Easter!

The Main Point
Jesus is alive!

The word to read together
Matthew 28
We’ll be concentrating on the resurrection story on Sunday morning and celebrating that Jesus is alive. During this week you could talk to your kids about Jesus dying. The Jesus Storybook Bible tells it pretty well in the story ‘The Sun Stops Shining’. Jesus’ death is pretty hardcore and you’ll know how much your children can take in the way of detail and depth of telling. Just be sure to emphasize it was because He loves us that He gave Himself for us so we could be His friends forever.

A verse to learn together
He is risen from the dead, just as He said would happen. Matthew 28:6

For that little guy!
Thank you to all of you who have been bringing money each week to support ‘that little guy’ Miguel.
In kids this week we are going to be drawing pictures to send to him. If you have a small photo of your child that we could send with their artwork that would be really cool, please send it with them on Sunday.  

Party time in bridgeKIDS
Celebrating that Jesus is alive is a good reason to have a party. We’ll be celebrating Him all morning long in bridgeKIDS.
We’re talking balloons, streamers, party hats, games and much more... hope you can join us!

For April, May and June we need three people to step in to help us out on the second Sunday of the month. If you aren’t serving somewhere already this could be your opportunity to jump in for just three Sundays. We need 2 people to join the 7-10s group and one person to join the 5&6s.
If you can fill those spots can you please go online and fill in the team application form right now so I know we have the places filled before I go on holiday at the start of April :)

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