Jesus is alive!

Luke 23:26-24:12
There is so much in the week leading up to Easter. On Monday we have Jesus clearing the temple, Tuesday He teaches on the Mount of Olives, Wednesday He is anointed by Mary with oil, on Thursday He shares the Last Supper with His disciples and then Friday is the crucifixion. It’s a big week and we could go in all kinds of directions but this Sunday we’ll be concentrating on the resurrection story and celebrating that Jesus is alive.
During this week you could talk to your kids about Jesus dying. The Jesus Storybook Bible tells it pretty well in the story ‘The Sun Stops Shining’. Jesus’ death is pretty hardcore and you’ll know how much your children can take in the way of detail and depth of telling. Just be sure to emphasize it was because He loves us that He gave Himself for us so we could be His friends forever.

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life…” John 11:25

Talk about it...
What is the best thing about Jesus being alive?

To do together...
Have a  special meal together this week and tell them about the Last Supper - have bread and juice as part of the meal so you can recreate this part of the story.
(Read it in Luke 22:7-20)

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