KIDS team schedules

A successful Sunday morning in babes&tots and bridgeKIDS could not happen without you, the team! You're amazing!
These are the current schedules for these groups. 

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to be there on a week that you are scheduled to serve could you please find someone to switch with - the contact lists have been sent to you (I won't post them here) - the best way to do this is to ask one person at a time and not blanket ask everyone as everyone seems to leave it to someone else to say yes. Please then message me so that I know who will be on each week. Please don’t ask me to find a switch for you as it’s really hard to manage all your calendars from here :)
However, If you or your children go sick in the night ahead of when you are serving and it’s too late to find a switch then that’s the time to message me - my phone is always on do not disturb at night - send me a text, I’ll get it in the morning and find an emergency stand in for you.


Thank you.

babes&tots team 2015-16
Can't remember when you are serving in babes&tots? Worry not - all you need to know is right here.
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bridgeKIDS team for 2015-16
Can't remember when you are serving in bridgeKIDS? Check this schedule!
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