Summer in bridgeKIDS

Each Monday I’ll send a family newsletter for you to use as you would like to with your family.
For these next ten weeks we are going to be asking some BIG questions about Jesus. There are lots of things that we could ask but I’ve picked out ten things that will take us through His life and ministry, what He’s doing now and what He’ll do on into eternity.
We aren’t meeting together on Sundays with the children but our faith doesn’t take a summer break. These questions and challenges will hopefully give you ways to engage your children in faith conversations and help you share your lives in Jesus with them through the Summer.

Please don’t worry about extra noise and a bit of chaos, this is what families are like - any of you who have family meals with little ones will attest to this! There are snacks available for you to help your children to - please don't let them get them by themselves so they last :) If you notice them getting low please let Sarah know.

Ages 4-10
Children from 4-10 will not be meeting separately on Sunday mornings through the Summer but will be hanging with the grown ups in the hall instead with the help of lego and colouring upstairs.

Babes - 3’s
The babes&tots room is available for you to use with your children to let them play if they need it. If you spend time with your children or others downstairs during the sermon and you'd like a copy then please ask for one at the sound desk and Sarah will send you the audio file or send her an email using the form below.

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