First Sunday in Lent

The season that we are in is the season of Lent. Lent is the 40 days that lead up to Easter, not including Sundays.

Lent is a time of preparation as we look forward to the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is a time for meeting Him as we look again at His journey to the cross and join Him on that journey. Not to say that we don’t meet with Him the rest of the year but this is a season in the church calendar intended to sharpen our focus a little.

I think that Lent is a time for self-reflection and spring cleaning. It is a time to look at our attitudes, behaviour and motivations and see how we are doing. There are not many people who can wake up in the morning and say, “Today, I am no longer going to judge other people,” or “Today I am going to be generous towards everyone.” or “Today, God will be my first and last thought and I will pray more” and then just do it. But Lent is a time when we can do the hard work of looking at our attitudes, behaviour and motivation and trying something different by giving something up - like judging, or taking something up - like generosity. We can try it and see what happens, if only for the short time that leads up to Easter and who knows by the end of 40 days it might just be a new part of us that we don’t want to put down again.

Lent is a fast, a time to give things up or maybe even take things up. It is a time for a bit of self-evaluation but it isn’t just a cling on and work hard at giving things up for 40 days because then God will be pleased with us. HE IS ALREADY PLEASED WITH US. (I wrote that in capital letters on purpose!) We are already fully loved, fully accepted and fully okay with Him just as we are. But this is a time of renewal if we want it, it is an opportunity to choose to set things aside or take things up that will help us know and love and serve Jesus because we love Him and He loves us.

This is the season when we embrace again the love and forgiveness of God as we come to the cross and resurrection at Easter.

These lists are ideas to get you started, not definitive by any stretch, and certainly not prescriptive - just use them if they help you.


Do you want to fast for Lent
Some ideas of things you might want to fast from.
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