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Love Matters More Small Groups

This winter we are offering a selection of small groups going through the book 'Love Matters More' by Jared Byas. Each group will be six weeks long spaced out at different intervals and on different days of the week so hopefully you'll be able to join one or other of them.

The first paragraph of the book lays out what it is about and who it is for:

This book is for anyone who has ever felt they had to choose between truth and love. It’s for anyone whose heart has told them the way of Jesus is standing up for people, but they’ve been taught that being faithful to Jesus is standing up for truth.

Byas, Jared. Love Matters More (p. 1). Zondervan.


I have heard my entire life that Christianity is about love, but what I saw—through our programs, services, and interactions—is that Christianity is about belief. I’ve come to realize that fear about being wrong in our beliefs has crowded out the clear message of Jesus’ life and death—the unmistakable emphasis in the Bible and in thousands of years of church tradition—love matters more.

Byas, Jared. Love Matters More (p. 3). Zondervan.

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