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MAKING IT COUNT (ages 3-6)
I want to help and equip you to lead your children spiritually.
Life for a three or four year old can be confusing. It’s okay to throw a ball, but not a rock. You can hug your friend, but not squeeze his neck. Your three and your year old is learning the rules for life and the major question they are asking is, ‘Am I okay?’ Embracing their physical needs will them know that that you love them and communicate to them that they are safe, worth loving and that they live in a world that can be trusted.
Starting Kindergarten and going into Gr1 children are getting used to new routines and it can be a little stressful at the start of the year. But the stress of change can also be a platform for discovery and growth. K and Gr1 children are asking one major question: ‘Do I have your attention?’ They need to know you see their efforts, their ideas and accomplishments so you communicate that they have your attention when you let them know their ideas have value, establish that their efforts are significant and demonstrate that they are worth loving.
Next week we’ll talk about the major questions grade 2-5s are asking.

Matthew 20:1-16
Jesus showed us that God is generous to everyone. This story is about the last becoming first and how we can sometimes feel that things aren't fair. Fairness is a big deal to kids. As you read the story talk about how God is generous with everyone.

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

(We are gradually building this up until we have the whole of the Lord’s Prayer)

Think of a time when you were the last one to get a turn. How did that feel?
Think back to a time when you didn’t think things were fair. Talk about it. What did you do?

PLAY TOGETHER: Play last-shall-be- first for 30 minutes (or a day!). The youngest member of the family gets to be the leader of the family, and the grown-ups can act like kids! Have fun with this silly swapping game as you play and pretend together.

BEING GENEROUS: God wants us to be generous like the vineyard owner in the story. Gather a few coins and keep them in an envelope. What could you do with these coins to show generosity to others?  

Leave special notes around your house for the last person to go to bed or the first person to get up in the morning.

OLDER KIDS: (those with blue & green tags)
If your child has a bible at home can they please bring it with them to bridgeKIDS. We are going to use it to find and read the story together on Sundays.
We have a set of Hands On Bibles (NLT) that the kids can share but it is great for them to become familiar with their own.

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