The Greatest Copmmandment

I want to help and equip you to lead your children spiritually.

This Sunday we will have what is currently a very rare Sunday morning when the children are together with the adults for our service. A study I read suggests that children being connected to the larger congregation is one of the increasing reasons for what they call “stickiness” of faith as children mature.
There are a few things that children ‘get’ our of going to big church.
They get to see & experience - they learn from you, they emulate those older than them, they get to see what happens in the grown ups and they learn from that what it looks like to worship God.
They get seen - our kids are, for two more Sundays - a block away. For kids to be seen and known as part of our church by more of our church is a really good thing. There are lots of great kids at our church that the adults would benefit from knowing and vice versa.

We will not have kids groups this week and we will not have lego to be a time filler for them, but we will have story, music, activity and learning from you, from others and, as we, as adults are open to it, we will also learn from them. I learn something each week as I hang out with your kids as my heart is open to God speaking to me through them.
So, please come, please bring your children, we understand it’ll be noisier than normal as the life they bring to the room amps up the decibels, and THAT IS OKAY! Please have your children sit with you so they can see, be seen and experience ‘church’ together with you.

The exciting news we shared on Sunday is we are moving. We will start renting ACS Elementary on November 19. This is great as the children and adults will all be in the same building finally - we haven’t done this for 12 years! It’s exciting to start this new chapter in a different location where we can be together. There is some sorting of stuff to do which I’m going to be asking for your help with so watch this space...

Matthew 22:34-40
Jesus tells us to love God and love our neighbours. In the Jewish tradition there are laws and commands and we can read them in the Old Testament part of our bibles. These laws give us guidelines for how to live towards God and towards each other and Jesus summed it all up in this simple two part answer

How do you love the Lord your God?
Why do you think Jesus said the second part is to “love your neighbour as yourself”?

Is there someone at school you have trouble being kind to? Someone you don’t get along with at church or in your neighbourhood? Make a list of these people - they are your ‘neighbours’. See if you can find ways to be kind to these ‘neighbours’ this week and remember Jesus’ teaching.

The puppy has a name - the children voted and it got the name Rio. The money the children feed Rio with is given to help us support Miguel who lives in Mexico. The puppy will be at church this Sunday. We’ll show the grown ups - they’ll wish they had a puppy too I bet!

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