A story for Palm Sunday

Here is the passage for this week, I've chosen Matthew 21 as the version you could read with your children but really, any of them will do the job :)

Jesus' triumphant entry into the city can be found in Matthew 21:1-17 and also in Mark 11, Luke 19 and John 12. Jesus' entry fulfilled the prophecy written about Him - the King had come, humble and riding on a donkey. There was noise and there was celebration, the children were in the crowd too, shouting praises, singing Hosanna, which means, Come save us. They had no idea at that point that this is exactly what He had come to do!

I love the craziness of a family morning like this, the buzz of having all the kids present in our worship gathering is a joy and children making noise in church is not a new thing. Read verses 15-16 again.

So parents, obviously encourage your children to listen, take part and worship Jesus along side of you, but, don't worry about a little bit of chaos - it will help to give us a sense of how Jerusalem would have been on that day when Jesus arrived in the city. Let's make some noise and welcome Him!

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