April in babes&tots

family first

Parents get to lead the way in bridgeKIDS. So, to that end, here is what we are doing in babes&tots this month so that you can tell them at home and have it in mind that this is our theme for the month. It’s better when we are all on the same page :)

tell them the story

John 20:10-16
With the little ones the aspect of Easter that we will be focusing on is ‘Jesus is alive, He loves us and we are His friends.’ Those things all go together.

praying with your child

A prayer for any time

Jesus loves me!
(Jump on “me” with arms outstretched)
He’s my best friend (point to self)
Jesus cares for me! (Hug self and sway) He’s my friend indeed (Point to self) Thank you, Jesus (Cheer)

a few basic things about babes&tots

The team in babes&tots aim to ask you how they can best serve your child each week and they will pray and ask God for wisdom in caring for this little person that He loves.
The team will call you if your child needs a diaper change using the security number you are given at sign in.
The team will also call you if your child is upset. Everyone has different tolerances on this so make sure you talk to the team so they know what you want them to do.
Keep the security number with you. Anyone you trust can be given that number to pick up your child at the end. If they have it, we’ll believe you gave it to them so keep it safe.
The team will give your child a snack (fruit, fruit gummies, arrowroot cookies, fishy crackers are the usual options) let them know if you have specific instructions about that. If you send a snack or a bottle can you please put a name on it so the right kid gets it.

If your child is sick please keep them with you so that we reduce the passing of illnesses between the children as much as we can.

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