Let's pray - gratitude

We take a break from our regular meeting together as just kids over the summer. The kids will join the adults for our sung worship, a story/prayer moment and snack (coffee break) and then, adult supervision allowing, they’ll go out to play.
I’ll be asking random parents and others to hang with the older kids during the sermon as I see who is there and how many people we need. A copy of the sermon will be emailed to anyone who volunteers later in the day.
There will be little kids toys in the room opposite the library for you and your babes&tots to use in a self-serve play space.

One of the things that came up at our parent meeting was teaching our kids to pray. Let’s have a look at this over the summer. You’ll maybe have more time with your kids than usual when the school year is on and things are busy.

This week think about saying thank you prayers. Being grateful is an easy way in to talking to God.

Read Psalm 136:1-9 and then add your own lines to the Psalm following the writers pattern:

Give thanks to God who...
His faithful love endures forever.

Let’s play!

Meet up at Eagle Mountain Park this Friday,
10-11:30am. There’s a great pathway for scooter races, a large field and play equipment.

Starting next week I’ll add in an art activity to the meet up, but for this one, let’s just play! See you there.

I have no team for this, so parents you’ll need to stay please!

If you are doing something that you’d be happy for other families to join you in, like a lake day, the zoo or whatever, let me know and I’ll get the message out to all our families.

Let’s make sure that even though our kids won’t be together on Sundays through the summer in bridgeKIDS that they continue to connect through the Summer as being together as community is important for all of us.

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