Jesus is a different kind of king

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Luke 23:33-43
This is the last Sunday of the church year before we start all over again with the run up to Christmas. This weekend is called Christ the King Sunday. We proclaim Jesus king,
yet here he suffers a painful, embarrassing, and public death. We see that Jesus’ kingship is not exercised through brute strength or earthly grandeur like that of worldly rulers. Rather, Jesus’ kingship is shown in concern for the poor and lost, and in a humble, selfless death on a cross. This is evident in Jesus’ promise of salvation to the criminal beside him.

What does this story mean for kids?
Kids may come away from this story feeling mad or sad; it’s okay for them to wrestle with such feelings to some extent. Younger kids think in concrete terms and may feel sad for Jesus because people treated him unkindly and no one came to help him. Older kids may feel upset about the unfair treatment of Jesus—that he was innocent but was still hung on a cross. Kids of all ages may have difficulty understanding why Jesus was crucified, so remind them that he made the choice to die on the cross to save everyone.

Jesus showed love and forgiveness right up until he died. What kind of king does this make him?

Dear Jesus, thank you for being our King on the Cross. You save us for today and forever. Amen.

Purchase a ready-to-bake roll of sugar cookie dough, press flat, cut into strips, and shape into crosses. Bake the cookies and frost them. Talk about Jesus and tell stories about him as you eat them.

1: Whole church pancake breakfast and nativity morning. Come as a nativity character in costume (optional), take family photos and have some fun telling the story together.

8 & 15: Regular bridgeKIDS mornings with a few extra celebration and party moments thrown in because it’s Advent!

22: Whole church family skating morning at ARC.

24: Christmas Eve candlelit family service

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