It's okay to ask questions

Children ages 3-10 will be signed in from 9:45am at the open space on the way to their rooms - look for Sarah.
BABES&TOTS can be taken to the classroom and signed in there.

Luke 20:27-38
In an attempt to trick Jesus into saying something incorrect about God, some Sadducees ask what will happen if a widow remarries—in the resurrection, who will be her husband? Jesus responds that marriage is only for this life. Then he explains that the scriptures call the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob God of the living; therefore, though these ancestors have died, they still must be alive. Jesus, in effect, changes the discussion. Where the Sadducees wanted to make it about logic, Jesus makes it about scripture and flips the argument on them.
Kids are constantly learning and confronting tricky questions. Let kids know that trusting God is the best way to react to tricky questions. And if, with God’s help, we can’t figure them out, we know God is with us while we contemplate the mystery.

It’s good to ask questions. Choose a Bible story and think of different questions you could ask about it. Give each family member a turn to choose a story.

Dear God, thank you for making me your child. I’m glad that I can ask you all of my questions—even the difficult ones. Thank you for loving me! Amen.

Tell a whole load of knock knock jokes! You might need a book from the library or an internet search for material.
Bring your favourite knock knock jokes to tell Sarah on Sunday!

We have a few bins at the sign in desk with worship CDs, DVDs, Kids books and parent books for you to borrow. Take a few minutes to have a look this weekend.

Thanks for feeding the puppy each week to help us support Miguel. The kids are covering about 50% of the cost of this each month which is pretty great. Let’s see if we can do more of it!

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