We can work together

Babes&tots can be taken to the classroom and signed in there. Children ages 3-10 will be signed in from 9:45am at the open space on the way to their rooms - look for Nathan.
It’s PYJAMA AND POPCORN DAY - we’ll be finishing the movie we started a few weeks ago.

2 Thessalonians 3:6-13
In this part of a letter Paul tells the Thessalonians to keep faith in God’s promises and remain eager for Jesus’ return, but adds that this anticipation doesn’t excuse them from working for the good of all in the meantime. Paul emphasizes how people are to act while waiting for Jesus—not quitting their daily activities and work, but continuing in the pursuits of daily life, matching their words with their deeds. Work is a blessing, Paul believes. It is how we act out our partnership with God in the world.
Kids are accustomed to hearing about the importance of hard work and “doing their best.” They hear this at home and school as they master new skills and have their learning assessed. This text shows kids that sometimes it’s hard to do our best or to do the right thing. In fact, sometimes we won’t even want to do it! Paul’s words provide us with encouragement that working as God’s hands in the world is valuable for us, for others, and for God—even if we sometimes struggle to do it.

Just as there are many people who are part of God’s family there are many ways that we can all help to do God’s work in the world - what would you like to do?

Dear God, thank you for giving me a church family. Help me do my part so your church can grow! Amen.

Roll a Chore
What chores need to be done in your home? Number 12 index cards and write a job on each one. Roll two dice, add the sum of the dots, and find the card that matches your answer. Take turns rolling the dice to keep your home clean.

Thanks for feeding the puppy each week to help us support Miguel. The kids are covering about 50% of the cost of this each month which is pretty great. Let’s see if we can do more of it!

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