Advent 4: Jesus is Emmanuel

An extra thing for prayer this week: Willi, the dad of Joseph & Grace, who are part of the kids team, is in the hospital after suffering a stroke. Please pray for Willi and also for his wife May and children Joshua, Grace & Joseph. 


This week we are mixing it up totally and meeting at the ARC at 10am for a family skate followed by a hockey game.

Skate rentals will be by donation to Lifehaven so bring a little cash with you.

Hope you can all come and enjoy some family time together on the ice and enjoy watching the game afterwards. The concession stand will be open to buy hot chocolate and all that good stuff.

Matthew 1:18-25
This text focuses much more on Joseph and his dilemma than it does on the birth of Jesus. Unlike the similar account in the Gospel of Luke, Mary does not speak. All of the attention is on Joseph. What is he to do? How will he face this strange situation? Will he dismiss Mary, or will he continue with his plans to marry her? Thankfully, an angel steps in to assure Joseph that the baby is a gift from God!
The idea that God became human to be with us as Jesus is an amazing aspect of the Christian faith. Some kids may have trouble grasping the mystery of the incarnation, but who doesn’t? It’s enough to help them understand that God knows what it’s like to be a baby and to be a kid like them, because Jesus experienced it! Older kids may be able to start wrestling with the idea of God in human form and what this means. They might wonder why God chose to become a weak, helpless baby rather than a strong, powerful adult.

The prophet Isaiah said that He would be called Emmanuel - that means God is with us.
What is the best thing about knowing that ‘God is with us’

Emmanuel, we call you by name. Emmanuel, keep reminding us that you are God with us! Amen.

There are many names for Jesus in the Bible. One of them is Emmanuel, which means “God with us.” Find out what your name means or why the name was chosen for you.

24: Christmas Eve candlelit service. 6pm at Abbotsford Elementary School
29: Christmas isn’t always easy especially when we’ve experienced loss. We’ll light candles and hang ornaments to remember those we are missing this Christmas. Worship and remembering together with the adults followed by a movie for the kids.

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