Second Sunday in Lent: Eternal

Children will sign in before the service and have their worship and story and activities and playing in their groups.

Sick season is well and truly upon us. You know the drill, if your kid is sick please keep them home. If, for that or any other reason, you miss a service and would like to hear the sermon I am very happy to email it to you so you can listen when you have some time that works. Let me know if you want it by messaging me I’ll send it out to you. Another way I can send it is as an attachment in messenger on facebook if you (and your email) would prefer it that way. Just let me know how I can help getting that to you.

John 3:1-17
This is a story about asking questions: Nicodemus sets out at night, clearly nervous about others’ perceptions of him if they learn of his mission, and goes to Jesus to ask some questions. Like many dialogues with Jesus in Scripture, the nature of the conversation is turned on its head. What begins with an interrogation of Jesus by a religious leader becomes a questioning of the leader himself.
Kids may have many questions about the story of Nicodemus. It’s okay not to have
all of the answers. As with Nicodemus, the important thing for kids to know is that God loves them and sent Jesus to save them so they can live with God forever! And that starts now!

Imagine what it would be like if you could ask Jesus any question! What questions would you ask?

God of eternal love and life,
Thank you for sending us Jesus.
Thank you for hearing our big questions.
Thank you for our family.

Birthday Party
Bake your favourite birthday treat and decorate a table with balloons. Invite some friends over to celebrate that you are all born as children of God.

To talk about with your children…

This might be a shocker but Lent is not in the bible. It is, however, part of the history of the church and something we use to help us tell the story as we take time to prepare ourselves for the events of Easter. The story of Jesus and God’s amazing love has been passed down to us over many, many years. Lent is a good reminder that we come from a long line of people who are following Jesus.

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