Palm Sunday

 am trying to get back to ’normal’ although that’s impossible at this time and I am going to quit that effort in about two and a half minutes but just before I go and snack myself silly I wanted to drop a few things for you for this week. This is the story and a  few activities based on what we’ll be doing in kids@home on Sunday and a link to a video you could watch for 10 minutes that’ll tell the story. 
Who would like a hangout for kids with maybe a craft/drawing/arty type thing on Wednesday at 4pm? I can ‘watch your kids' while you make dinner maybe? If you want  in let me know and I’ll send you an invite. 
I really hope this week isn’t too stressful and that school at home is something close to okay for those of you who are coming at this for the first time - homeschool parents, you guys are old hats at this - business as usual for you I guess. I’m praying for you all as you navigate this really strange time in our lives. Bless you!
Let me know if you want an invite for Wednesday
See you soon
Peace & love

Matthew 21:1-11
This Sunday is Palm Sunday and we’ll be telling the story of Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem for the beginning of Holy Week. As we go through the week next week we’ll see there is a big difference in how people treat Jesus this weekend to how they treat him on Friday.

The video for this week’s story has some highs and lows of Holy Week and the whirl kids set this as a musical. It’s 10 minutes long and I thought you might like to watch it together.
PASSWORD: whirlkids

People welcomed Jesus with putting palm branches and their clothing on the ground so the donkey he was riding had a soft path to walk on. What would you do to welcome Jesus to your home?

Dear God,

We have been on a long journey together during Lent. 

We don’t always know what’s coming next,

And sometimes we’re anxious about that.

Please be with us all the time,

Especially when we don’t know what’s ahead.


I have some crafty things coming up for kids this weekend.

Start, or continue, a collection of toilet roll insides and newspapers that get delivered to your house (or other paper if you don’t get the newspaper).

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