Ahead of April 19 - believe

The story this week that we’ll be reading in kids is found in John 20:19-31
The word for this week is believe. I’ll send you a picture of a cross that is made up of seven boxes - we’re going to fill one box each week for the next seven Sundays which is how long the Easter Season lasts in the church calendar. The word to write in a box this week is believe. If you can print out one for each of your kids that would be great! Thank you!

Apart from letting you know what story it is this weekend and asking you to print out the cross pictures, I’m not sending anything for you to do with your kids related to bridgeKIDS - there is enough to be dealing with right now, but,

  • I will be praying for you - let me know how I can pray specifically if you would like to
  • I will be hanging out with any kid who would like to at 4pm on Wednesday afternoon - watch out for the invite tomorrow morning
  • I am happy to be added to Messenger Kids or Marco Polo if your children want someone else to chat with or send silly pictures to

Make a list of the people that you miss hanging out with at the moment. Write each name on a little piece of paper and put them in a jar or some other container.

At each meal time draw one person from the jar and pray for that person, use this prayer or improvise.

God I thank you for my friend __________.
I pray that you would be with them and that they would know it!

Watch out for your zoom invites on Wednesday and Friday

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