Ahead of May 10 - mom

The word for this week is mom.

Mom’s are superheroes and they help us have a glimpse at how God loves us. In Exodus 2, we read about a Mom named Jochebed. Jochebed was a super hero to her son Moses because she had super courage. She was brave enough to hide Moses and keep him safe from harm. Moms remind us of God’s super love. Even those of us who don’t have moms have someone who shows us God’s love through their super love. Those special people who love us deserve to know that we love them back.

I will be praying for you - let me know how I can pray specifically if you would like to

I will be hanging out with any kid who would like to at 4pm on Wednesday afternoon - watch out for the invite tomorrow morning - we’ll be making an art gift for mom.

This is from yesterday morning's bridgeKIDS@HOME, even if you weren’t there you can still enter the challenge.
Here it is:
Make a sheep. You must start with one toilet roll inside tube but after that it’s up to you how creative you get! Have fun!
Send a photo of you with your finished sheep to Sarah by Thursday to be entered into a prize draw for Friday - the prize will be delivered to your doorstep on Saturday!

Dear God,
I thank you for our moms.
Thank you for their superpowers and how they show us how much you love us.
Help us to show our moms our love in many ways today and every day,

Watch out for your zoom invites on Wednesday and Friday