Experiencing the Creator in creation - butterflies

This week is all about butterflies

Creation has a lot to teach us about the Creator. This week we are going to look at butterflies and see what they can tell us about their Maker.

I am also going to weave in the story of Jesus ascending from Acts 1:6-11 so that’s something you can read together ahead if you would like to read it with your kids first.

I’m still praying for you - let me know how I can pray specifically if you would like to.

KIDS ART HANG IS NOT HAPPENING THIS WEEK but if you want some fun art I’d recommend you check out @wendymac on instagram - she has a daily art session which is fantastic! I’ll be back to hang out next week :)

This is from Sunday morning’s bridgeKIDS@HOME, even if you weren’t there you can still enter the challenge.

Starting with a toilet roll inside - build a rocket ship.

Send the photos in to Sarah by Friday and on Saturday Nixon (last week’s winner) will pick this week’s winner and I’ll bring you the prize (the VR headset to use for a week!)
Watch the bridgeKIDS facebook page for Nixon doing the winner draw on Saturday morning.

Creator God,
Your creation is amazing.
Give us open eyes and ears to see your fingerprints everywhere we look.
I love the way you made __________.
Teach us to look after our world.

Watch out on Saturday for the invite for kids@home this Sunday

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