Experiencing the Creator in creation: Pentecost, Wind & Fire

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday

Creation has a lot to teach us about the Creator. Wind and fire are in this Sunday’s story - read Acts 2:1-21 to see what happens.
Pentecost Sunday is a special day in the church year, because it’s the day God sent the Holy Spirit to all the people in the world. It’s considered to be the birthday of the church. In this story, God gives the people the Holy Spirit, which is like giving them a superpower to tell about Jesus in ways that everyone can understand.

I’m still praying for you - let me know how I can pray specifically if you would like to.

KIDS ART HANG is happening this Wednesday - gather paper, water, paint and a plastic straw (or the outside of a pen or something you can blow through) - see you at 4pm

This is from Sunday morning’s bridgeKIDS@HOME, you are welcome to join in even if you didn’t make it last Sunday.
Colour the picture of the butterflies and flowers. We talked and about butterflies teaching us to trust God even when everything changes and changes again.
Send the photos in to Sarah by Friday and on Saturday Annika & Ezekiel (last week’s winners) will pick this week’s winner and I’ll bring you the prize (the VR headset to use for a week!)
Watch the bridgeKIDS facebook page for Annika & Ezekiel doing the winner draw on Saturday morning.

Pray this echo prayer. Ask your kid to repeat each line and action after you.

God of surprises,
Thank you for a gust of wind. (Breathe in and exhale.)
Thank you for a flame of hope. (Hold a finger above your head.) 
Thank you for your Holy Spirit that unites us. (Join arms.)

Watch out on Wednesday and Saturday for the zoom invites


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