Experiencing the Creator in creation: People

Let’s talk about people - God loves everyone!

Bible for this week - Matthew 28:16-20
God created and loves every single person on the planet. That’s a LOT of people. Jesus’ love, acceptance, and forgiveness are for everybody!
After Jesus is raised from the dead, he sends the disciples out into the world to share his message.
How many different ways can you come up with to share the message of Jesus? Be creative! Is there one you’re willing to try this week? Remember, Jesus is with you!

With schools partially opening up this week this is probably another period of change for many of you. I am praying for you all!
Let me know if there is anything specific I can be praying for you and your kids as this week unfolds. I want to support you in any way I can, please let me know how!

Who needs to know about the love of God? ___________________
How can you show them?

This week’s challenge is very personalized. I am going to send a text to you with one or two words for the kids to say - if you have more than one kid you’ll get words for each of them. Could you please video them saying their words and send it back to me. I’ll stick it all together to make a verse or two as video featuring them. Bonus points if you guess the verse from your words!

Please send the videos to Sarah by Friday and on Saturday Buz (last week’s winners) will pick one of you to be this week’s winner and I’ll bring you the prize (the VR headset to use for a week!)

Dear God, sometimes it’s hard for us to have the courage to share your love with other people. Help us remember that you are always with us and that everybody needs to hear about your love for them. Amen.

Watch out on Saturday for your Sunday zoom invite

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