Discipline in bridgeKIDS

Good behaviour we will reinforce
In bigKIDS I will be a friend by listening and looking when someone is talking
In bigKIDS I will be a friend by using friendly hands and friendly words
In bigKIDS I will share and wait my turn
In bigKIDS I will stay where I belong

Consequences of poor behaviour/choices
Occasionally we need to deal with inappropriate behaviour on a Sunday morning. This is the procedure that we will follow if this occurs.

  • First we will give a warning and a reminder of the behaviour that is more appropriate, for example, if a child is rough we will remind them to be gentle with their hands, write the offense on the clip board next to the child’s name so all other team members know where we are up to on the consequence ladder
  • Second (for the same offense) they will be given a time out. This will be in the room, apart from the other children and for as many minutes as the child is old, they will again be reminded of the appropriate behaviour we are expecting and a check mark will be made next to the offense on the clip board
  • Third (same offense) the child will be brought to the team leader for the morning who will repeat the time out and discuss the behaviour again
  • Fourth (same offense) the team leader for the morning will contact the parents to come and take the child back with them to the adult meeting and we’ll try again next week :)

NB. the small group leader will talk to parents about consequences that their child had during the morning at sign out time

If a child exhibits different inappropriate behaviour than that which has been corrected already we will start the process over.