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Worship Teams

...including musicians, singers, audio & video personnel and on...

Most of our gatherings will include some form of live music which is provided by members of the bridge community.  Sometimes we have a larger band, other times the music is led by just a couple of people.  We try to have a good amount of flexibility with the musicians at the bridge whose level of musicianship ranges from having a basic level of competency through to the professional, touring and session musician. 

To aid the congregation to see and hear the content of the morning we have a dedicated team of audio and video personnel.

In addition, we also welcome the artistic expressions of dance and visual art and enjoy hearing any creative ideas beyond those already in use.

We aim for each person to serve about once a month in the worship life of the church.

Through these disciplines we hope to create an atmosphere of artistic expression that will enable and inspire you to release your worship to God.

Please contact the office for more details or just to let us know you'd like to participate in this way.