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Our current theme is Blessed are the Peacemakers, our artists have been tasked with creating on this theme.

a mixed media collage image depicting peacemaking - learning acting listening praying lovingBlessed are the peacemakers by Kathy Klassen

Image description.
A mixed media collage image.
Top left: a washing line with the words We are not a number above and a red dress with coloured ribbons hanging from it, behind the dress is an image of a forest reflected in the water. Superimposed on the dress is the words 'Learn, Act and Truth and Reconciliation.

Top right: A tent with a barefoot, bearded person sitting outside of it in the rain. Above the tent is the word 'Love' There are other smaller pieces of text - fragments of poetry by Taylor Leonhardt. Words on the tent - lack of resources, recognize individuals in Abbotsford, CARE

Centre: Two coffee mugs with the word LISTEN and song lyrics: What the world needs now is love, sweet love... not just for some but for everyone.

Bottom left: A photograph of a stop sign and crowd of people on the corner of Chicago Ave and E 38th Street in Michigan. Painted is the black lives matter clenched fist with the words 'His name is George Floyd' in white around the fist.

Bottom right: The sunflower image on a  blue background (Ukraine symbol) with the words 'Pray' and 'Grow' and the lyrics 'All we are saying is give peace a chance.

End description.