Church Life Weddings


Dear Couple,

We, as a leadership team, are pleased to hear about your upcoming marriage.  It is our desire to help you prepare for your life of marriage as well as your wedding day. Presently in our culture many young couples spend a lot of time and money focused on the wedding day and yet do not budget time and money for the importance of long term marriage preparation.

If you desire one of our Bridge pastors to perform your marriage ceremony we have provided for you the steps you need to take to make that possible. It is our desire to support you so we need to ensure that you as a couple are preparing yourselves for this life long commitment of love.

We encourage you to take a pre-marriage counselling course.  We suggest you might like to use  John & Susie Jenkinson at LifeLink counselling who offer this course.

You need to obtain a marriage license and have it completely filled out. The form needs to be submitted to the Bridge pastor you are asking to perform your ceremony.

Upon agreement to perform your wedding ceremony, the pastor will meet with you for a planning meeting outlining the ceremony. He or she will discuss with you various options and plans that you as a couple will have.  The pastor will also practice the ceremony with you at the rehearsal.  Due to experience it is important that who ever is helping you plan the wedding understand that the pastor is often best suited to lead the rehearsal time as he or she is aware of the ceremonies flow and all that needs to be covered.  You will have already walked through the ceremony with them at your initial meeting.

The pastoral honorarium for the services provided is $500.00.  This covers the pastors time and planning for the three days that you are using his or her service. (Initial Meeting, Rehearsal & Ceremony) This should be paid directly to the pastor at the rehearsal.

On the wedding day the pastor will have filled out all their pertinent information on the marriage license and will submit the form on the next business day by mail to the vital statistic office.

If you choose to invite the pastor and their spouse to the reception and would like them to pray or do another kind of service please discuss your ideas and requests at the planning meeting. Due to the volume of weddings our pastors perform they are sometimes unable to attend the reception because of their scheduling.

We pray the Lords’ blessing as you prepare and plan to take this important step.  We want to prayerfully support and make your wedding day special and more importantly we want your marriage to go the distance being fruitful all the days of your lives.

The Bridge Leadership Team