Baby Dedication

Baby dedication is a marker at the beginning of the spiritual journey your child is on. This is a day to celebrate and remember and we are happy that you want to dedicate your child to God and yourselves as the major spiritual influencers in their life. As a church we want to come alongside you and help in resourcing you in anyway we can in parenting your son or daughter on their faith journey.

Dedicating a child is a big deal and so we want to be intentional about how we do this at the Bridge to reflect what an important moment this is in your lives.

Let’s meet, let’s talk about what you are doing, how the dedication service will work, the promises that you will make and talk about inviting others to help you. Ahead of getting together, there are a few things you could be doing and thinking about:

  • Think about the hopes and dreams you have for your child. What do you want to pass on to them? And, as far off as this may seem at this point, who do you hope they will be when they are ready to be having children of their own?
  • Identify and pray about two Christian individuals or couples who, from your perspective, are people of deep faith that you would like to ask to be involved in your child’s spiritual growth. It would be great if they were not family members as these people are extras that you are inviting to stand alongside you as you parent. Your family will, hopefully, already be right there with you anyway.

Contact Sarah if you want to dedicate your child.

Cheering you on!

Sarah Pickering
Children & Families Pastor

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