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Gathering during a pandemic! 
Covid-19 has placed restrictions upon us so gathering in person is not possible at this point in time. We have changed the way we are gathering and are currently using Zoom to connect with each other on a Sunday morning. We value seeing each other's faces and being able to talk in real time. If you would like to join us in that space you are very welcome to do so. Send a message to the office to be added to the invite list. To find out more about what that experience is like visit the New Here section.

When?   Sunday morning, 10:30am - 12:00pm

Where do we meet in the normal run of things?  We meet at Abbotsford Christian Elementary School (3939 Old Clayburn Rd, Abbotsford).  Enter at the back of the school - down around the right side of the school.

Our staff team all live, work and play on Sema:th territory, part of the land of the Sto:lo people.

If Abbotsford is not your home you can find out where you live by using the tool on this site:



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