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Sung Worship

We're gathering on zoom this weekend and worship on zoom is a challenge and so here is a playlist of songs you might want to use for worship ahead of joining us on Sunday.

Our theme is kindness and Sarah chose these songs to help us get in the zone before she shares with us.

The playlist is on YouTube or Spotify and if you want to sing along follow the link to the lyric sheet.

October 24, 2021
First, Itís Always Been You, Never Gonna Let You Down, Count On Me

Download (47KB)
October 17, 2021
Same God, How Much Longer? Whisper
Download (30KB)
October 10, 2021
Deep Peace, Prayer of Saint Francis, Nothing to Fear
Download (29KB)
October 3, 2021
No outsiders, You are everything (everything I need), Wonder, You Say, Do it Again
Download (39KB)