Get Involved... Ways to serve


bridgeKIDS is the children's ministry of the bridge church. Our aim as a team is to be those who enjoy children and provide spaces for them to connect with God and know how loved they are. The bottom line for those who serve in bridgeKIDS during any gathering in person on online is that we are contact connections not content providers. We want to be present with the children and develop relationships with them. We want to be an additional loving adult working in a supporting role alongside parents.

Some of this is happening in person and some of it is happening online - there are various ways you can be a part of that - visit the bridgeKIDS TEAM page to see the roles that we’ve already come up with.

There are other ways that you can support our families at the bridge (and beyond) like adopting a family to check in with, pray for etc. There may be ways that you can serve that we haven't thought of yet because we were waiting for you and your particular gifts to come along... if you have a heart to do it, we can find you somewhere to serve.

If you want to join a team on a Sunday morning working directly with children then there is an application process to go through. Complete this application form.

If you want to serve in another way then contact Sarah Pickering.