Beauty, fully alive, Galatians 5

Welcome to the podcast!
The episodes contain the guided meditations/prayers and messages from our weekly services. We hope that you'll join us on zoom in the live gathering but if you aren't able to do that then we have this podcast where you can listen or the replay of the videos are up in our private facebook group.

On the podcast are new episodes from our new series on the Fruit of the Spirit (what we might look like if we looked like Jesus) on LOVE (Eden), JOY (Sarah), PEACE (Eden) and PATIENCE (Karina)

Also on the podcast is the entire gathering of celebration - Because of Love, featuring Stacey Chomiak

Gathering on zoom

Members of our community put together a list of songs for us each week that we are entirely on zoom because worship on zoom is a bit less than fantastic. Our theme is KINDNESS and Sarah chose these songs that might help us get in the zone before she shares with us. With the last two songs listen to them as if Jesus is singing them to you.

The playlist is on YouTube or Spotify and if you want to sing along follow the link to the lyric sheet.

Sarah will be speaking on the theme of KINDNESS as we work our way through the fruit of the Spirit that are in Galatians 5.


Because of love, a gathering of celebration and affirmation

On Sunday, October 3, we marked our churches decision to be an inclusive, welcoming and affirming community of people who are making it our business to live out our faith in love.

Stacey Chomiak is an LGBTQ Christian Speaker, artist, author and art director and was our guest speaker and we loved hearing her story.

If you were not able to join us on Sunday morning, here's a recording of the gathering. It was wonderful. You can watch on Vimeo or head to the podcast and listen there.

Watch Oct 3, 2021 on Vimeo

Our Statement of intent

LGBTQ+ Resources
Keep popping back here as this is an ever evolving list of resources


Adults Sunday Morning Gathering on blue fading background

We have decided to stick with Zoom through October since the latest restrictions came in. We'll look at the LIVE again for November and make a decision towards the end of this month.

Hopefully from November we will have Sunday morning gatherings at 10:30am alternating between live and in person at the Legacy Building and Zoom and Zoom only and are looking forward to the time it can be every Sunday at Legacy.

Contact Sarah to be added to the list to join us live on Zoom.

October 24 - Zoom Only
October 31 - Zoom Only
November 7 - Live at Legacy & on Zoom
November 14 - Zoom Only
November 21 - Live at Legacy & on Zoom
November 28 - Zoom Only
December 5 - Live at Legacy & on Zoom
December 12 - Zoom Only
December 19 - Live at Legacy & on Zoom
December 24 - Christmas Eve Zoom Party
December 26 - No gathering

BridgeKIDS outside or at home

October will be all on Zoom - register your kids if you want to join us - we have bags of bits and pieces that can be delivered to local kids once you register your family to join us.

When we are on zoom the kids will gather at 9:30am.

We'll look at it again for November and hopefully be able to be Live and Outside at Legacy and on zoom at home every other week (see the adults schedule).

When we are live kids groups are happening from approximately 10:40am and will be outside in the fresh air so dress appropriately for the weather.


Midweek connections on a blue and green background

Who wants to join the Bridge Book Club again? If you are interested in being part of it, could you email me directly at If there are enough interested people, we will figure out the details and start it up again. Right now I am just hoping to find out how much interest there is out there. - LYNN LANG

Contact the office if you would like to connect with others midweek and start or join a group.

We'll get this up and running once school has started.



Green fade with the words: Help! I am home sick!

There may be a time when some in our community need to stay home and isolate. We want to be able to help you as you need it. There are members of our community who will be happy to pick up groceries for you, bring you a nice coffee, visit through a window, pray for you, or try and meet whatever need you have.

Let us know how we can help by contacting the church office. It's said way too often, but nonetheless it is still true; we are in this together.