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Visio Divina for June 16

A waterfall in a steep ravine filled with green plants rocks and fallen logs

‘A spring gently rises up out of the Earth and becomes a stream, which becomes a river, which becomes an ocean, which evaporates and becomes rain, which feeds itself back into the Earth again. Finding it’s way to the surface, water repeats this sacred circle of enduring life.
Water, soil, seeds, plants, the sun, the stars, the moon: these are all our teachers. They teach us about life even as they give us life!’
Randy Woodley, Becoming Rooted.

I invite you to hold a phrase from that piece of writing in your heart as you look at the image. The phrase is: this sacred circle of enduring life.

What is the first thing your eye goes to?

Gaze further into the image and sweep the whole picture, notice plants, rocks, water, ferns on the tree trunk, the colours, the lines, the details, the whole.

Are you drawn to a particular part of the image?
Don't think too hard but stay in your heart. 

Is there any part of the image that you are avoiding because you aren't comfortable with it? 
Notice that.

Do you see anything of ‘this sacred circle of enduring life’ in this image? If so, which part of the image speaks that for you? Linger there. Be open and be present to it. Take a longer look.

Open your imagination. Are there feelings, longings, hopes, memories?

Simply be and let whatever wants to rise in you, come up.

Slowly notice what is being revealed in your seeing or your feeling.

Is there a message from creation in this image that you want to carry with you as we end this practice?

Let go of the image and rest.

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