bridgeKIDS Team

bridgeKIDS team

The ways we serve has dramatically changed but the heart behind it remains the same - to connect with children and provide a place for them to connect with God.

There are a few specific roles that you may volunteer for at the moment

Delivery of materials and family contact
Once every five or six weeks there will be a new pack of things to go out to families. You will be given four or five families to deliver to and arrange a time when you can stop for five minutes for a chat outside of their house. The children love this contact with a familiar face - not to mention the snacks that will be in their bags.

Small group leader (ZOOM)
This involves joining the zoom meeting with the children, taking part alongside them and then leading a small group breakout room during the session.

Story teller or big group leader (ZOOM OR PRE-RECORDED)
This is slightly more than the small group leader as you’ll tell the story or lead a portion of our gathering with the whole group as well as being a small group leader.

Zoom tech assistant (ZOOM)
Helping to manage the zoom in the morning gathering

Non-contact resource management
That’s a very grand way of saying that you help to pack the bags the delivery people will deliver.

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