What are our core values?

We believe the Church is a people, rather than a place - people on a journey of knowing God more intimately and helping one another live a meaningful life of worship because of Christ’s love.  We want to be a church who makes Jesus easily accessible, and who models the relational nature of God.  We believe transformation happens primarily through relationship and so our emphasis is always on relationship before program.

  We are committed to helping one another, at whatever age and stage, grow in our discipline of following Jesus and living as he taught. We aim to be a community that works together where everyone is welcome to play their part. As we experience the process of healing in various areas of our lives we want to be known in the wider community as people who can be depended upon to serve and generously help others in a place of need because of the transformation and love we have experienced.  We want to be known for being a grace-filled, inclusive, authentic community that is safe for people to journey with.  We long to empower people to experience God’s presence as life bringing.  Our expression as a gathered community can be fun and joy filled, and playing together is essential to the relational nature of our journey.