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Connect through serving


Our online gatherings take a small group of people to manage. If you have basic zoom skills (and really, by now, who doesn't) then you could be part of the team working in the background to switch between speakers and to manage the chat. Contact the office if you would be interested in helping in that way. This person does not have to be in our location so if you are further afield this is a great way to serve in our community.


When we meet live there are more roles for everyone to play.

Our current needs (as of May 2023) are:

  • Church Roadies - picking up the gear from the storage unit and moving it to the building by 8:30am
  • Zoom tech - connecting with the group on zoom via the chat, monitoring their sound/visuals
  • Visuals tech - displaying song words and announcements, operating cameras
  • Setting up the signs and welcoming people outside the building
  • Greeting people inside the building
  • Spending time with children during the gathering either outside or inside the building

We are always working on updating this team list.

Contact the office if you would like to serve in some capacity