Babes&Tots (birth to age 2)

There is a wonderful team of people who care for these little ones throughout the service. Registration takes place in the Babes&Tots room (103). Every child is given a name tag to wear and their parent is given a corresponding security number. This security number will be required to sign your child out at the end and may also be shown on the screens in the main hall if your child should need you during the service for example to change a diaper.

There is a change table set up in room 123 which is also a room for nursing moms during the service.

The team endeavours to pray with the children, sing with them, tell them stories and create an environment of security and fun. If you or your child has a particular need that we can pray about  please let a team member know as you leave your child and they'll pray about that specifically through the time they are looking after them.

You are welcome to stay with your child and help them settle anytime. We'd also love to have you on the team one time a month if you are able to do so. Application form.

If your child is sick please do not bring them into the Babes&Tots group.