New Here What can you expect?

What can you expect?

We want you to feel at home at the Bridge so here's a few little things that might help:

Between now and Christmas we are alternating between in person and online gatherings. We are aiming to up the frequency of the hybrid gatherings in the new year.

Hybrid Sunday - both in person and online (First and Third Sunday in the month)
Covid Protocol: Following Covid protocols for large in person gatherings, we will require everyone to be masked as they enter the building, and remain masked throughout the meeting.
We will have each individual or family sign in with their names as well as contact info, in case we need to do contact tracing. We will not be asking for proof of vaccination, though we do highly recommend everyone get their vaccine.

Inside the building: The capacity of the space is 210 people, however protocols have that amount capped at 105. The room is quite spacious, and we will have the chairs spaced out throughout the room giving everyone plenty of distance between.

Outside the building: There are 2 large uncovered decks directly accessible from the front of the room, which if you prefer you could stand or sit on, and still be able to hear what is going on inside. There are also 2 smaller outdoor spaces at the back of the room that each have a small covered area.

During the meeting: At any given time (weather permitting), we will have 2 or more doors open to the space we are in. That allows for good airflow and ventilation within the space. We will also have live worship happening, and you are welcome to sing along, but masks must be kept on until further notice. We will also be having communion, and it will be distributed in a way that minimizes contact with others. We will NOT be having coffee time for the foreseeable future, but you are very welcome to bring your travel mug full of your favorite morning drink to sip throughout the meeting.

Online Only Sunday - (Second, fourth and fifth Sunday of the month)
We meet between 10:30 and 12:00pm on a Sunday morning. Our meeting usually takes the form of announcements, communion, meditation, message, a prayer response and then open question and response.

BridgeKIDS is also alternating between live and online.

When we are live (first and third Sunday in the month) children will sign in outside the main entrance and will be outside in a covered area and on the playground through the morning. If you are bringing children, please dress them for the weather.

When we are online children will meet between 9:30am and 10:00am for games, stories, prayer and activities. It’s a bit chaotic but it is fun! If your kids want to watch and not participate that’s fine with us, playing lego on the floor at the same time as listening to the kids morning is always an option.

There are also some recorded stories, songs and links to videos and playlists on the kids news which is up on the blog for families if the zoom setting is too much, as it can be for some kids - we get that, this is their equivalent of a podcast.

Youth are welcome to join the adults in that meeting or join kids - many of our youth are leaders in the kids groups. We are working on gathering youth at other times in the month. Watch the calendar for events particularly for their age group.

We hope to see you in either our live or virtual spaces or both.