What can you expect?

We want you to feel at home at the Bridge so here's a few little things that might help:

Service format We generally start with some music, followed by family announcements and a short coffee break, a talk and then end with some music, or prayer or both. Communion is offered at a table at every service and we take communion all together on the first Sunday of each month. We occasionally mix up the order but this is our usual format. Our meeting runs for approximately 1hr 30mins.

Who is welcome? Everyone! And when you look that up in the dictionary it means 'everyone'!

Where do I park? There is some parking in the school parking lot.  If that is full there is parking on surrounding side streets.

Where do my kids go and when? From September - June there are groups for the children that run during the meetings. See the bridgeKIDS page for more details.

What about my older youth?  They can join you in the meeting. Youth meets at other times. Check out the bridgeYOUTH page.

Dress Code We are not formal at the Bridge, you'll often find us in jeans and other casual clothes. There's no need to put on a suit and tie (unless you want to of course)

We hope you'll join us, come say hi...