A prayer for those who wait

Dear Lord, I am waiting for
(tell Him what it is you are waiting for)

You came to earth as a weak human.
You will come again in glory as a powerful King.
In between times, please come afresh into my life.
I invite you into my frustration, my excitement;
My disappointment, my hope.

Let me know your empathy as a God-born-baby;
In control of the universe, yet helpless and flailing.
Let me know your power as a good ruler
Who acts at just the right time and comes to make everything right.
Remind me of the good beginning and the good ending.

Lord be with me in the middle of my story.
Bring me perspective and let me see your purpose in the waiting,
While I wait, give me endurance and strength to hold fast to you.
Lord Jesus Christ, would you come to me today.


Categories: Sermon Follow Up