Compassion Camp: At the Table, week 1


What is Compassion Camp?
As we look around the world, what becomes clearer each day is our deep need for compassion - now more than ever. We hope to cultivate compassion for each other, ourselves, and the world and through the summer we’ll be looking at different places in our lives where we can cultivate compassion: At the Table, To the Neighbour, For Myself, Along the Way, With the World

BridgeKIDS@HOME: At the Table
Compassion helps us see and welcome. To see and welcome is how we accept one another. When we gather at the table, we accept each other in the same way God accepts us.
Through the parable of the father and the two brothers in Luke 15:11-32, children will witness how compassion empowers us to release any anger and judgment we may hold toward others, ourselves, and the world for not being what we wanted or needed. Children will learn how compassion inspires seeing, forgiveness, and welcoming.

To Learn Together
Let us love one another, for love comes from God.
1 John 4:7

Think About It
When we listen to stories we can learn so much from the feelings of the people. This is one way we learn compassion. We see, listen, and recognize what people are feeling, and this helps us to feel their joy and their hurt with them.

Gabu got the prize this week and as this was their families second go at the prize he chose to use the Stikbot stop motion animation set instead of the VR headset.
If you want to have a chance to have either of those things next week then here’s this week’s challenge: build anything from Lego (or another building material if you have no Lego). Get creative and then send me a photo by Friday.

To Pray Together:
Welcoming One,
Your warm, wide arms are always open,
drawing us into your heart full of love.
Make our arms your own,
helping us see and welcome
with compassion all those we meet.

What is bridgeKIDS doing to stay connected? PART 1
Our aim in bridgeKIDS is provide a space for kids to connect with God and be with each other. Summer in bridgeKIDS is usually a time when we major on connection and minor on content. The children usually gather outside and play together during the adult service. Obviously everything is different right now but we want to provide a place where the children can still touch in with each other and some key KIDS leaders. The place we have for this right now is zoom, it’s not ideal but it is what we can do. This is my plug to encourage you to encourage your kids to jump in on a Sunday morning at 9:30 for 30 minutes. Even if they play Lego on the floor and have the 30 minutes KIDS church on without full engagement with it that is good enough! The songs and stories will wash over them as they play and that is cool. BridgeKIDS@HOME is a chance to see each others faces and connect even in a less than perfect way.

Watch out on Saturday for your zoom invite

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