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Compassion Camp - week 2

The theme this weekend and next Wednesday at the park is showing lovingkindness by having self-compassion.
Like lots of things, for kids to learn this young will set them up to hopefully step into adulthood in a healthy place or at least having tools that they can use to help get there.

Compassion says:
I see you hurt,
I feel your hurt,
I help to ease your hurt.
Self-compassion is doing that for ourselves.

Self-compassion asks the question, what do I need? Hopefully there will be some tools that you can pick up this week to help figure out where you are at, and what it is that you need.

I talk more about self-compassion on the video and tell the story of Elijah as he learned to look after himself and realized that God was looking after him too.


Watch to the end of the video for this week’s compassion challenge.

BONUS (not on the video): Can you think of fives ways you can grow in compassion? For yourself or someone else?

This week's song is called, Loved, I am loved.

Join us for compassion camp LIVE on Wednesday at Ellwood Park at 5pm for a picnic, making, games, yoga and lovingkindess practice. Hope to see you there!

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