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New things are coming - FALL 2021

We are MOVING!
For those of you who may have been away, we’ll just do a quick update. We have been enjoying our Zoom church for the past 18 months, but it looks like we might be able to be together regularly before too long. Considering that, we have been house hunting for a place that we can meet on Sunday mornings and have landed at The Legacy Building that is on the Abbotsford Ag Rec site.
We have been planning for this behind the scenes and are thrilled with what this building has to offer. The main room is full of natural light, has warm lighting and a cozy feel, even though without restrictions we can seat 200 people. It also has a good-sized kitchen, that when it is safe to do so, would allow us to have coffee break and maybe some Bridge Family meals together.
And for the kids, there are 2 rooms downstairs, and a fantastic playground, covered area and green space. We hope to have them outside as much as possible, to keep the risk of their getting covid to an absolute minimum.

We are going to need your help Saturday August 28 8:30 am

We will need to move the Sunday morning kit, PA equipment, and Bridge kids paraphernalia to a storage unit nearby. We are renting a 15’ moving truck to hopefully make the entire move in one go. We would love to have lots of hands that can make this job easy, fun and quick! If you can help with this move, please text Eden at 778 241 3463, and let her know. We will meet at the old school location at 8:30am August 28.

MORE ways you can participate at The Bridge

Giving – we haven’t had to pay rent through the pandemic, and that has eased some of the pain on the budget, but that will change with this move. While we have kept to a similar rental budget, not having the storage onsite has raised this cost a bit. We’d be grateful if you would consider giving to The Bridge regularly, & we have several ways you can do that. The immediate need is to bump up our monthly giving by $2000, though ultimately, we will need more than that. Stay tuned!

Sunday morning volunteers – as we move towards being together on Sunday mornings, that also means that we will be looking for volunteers that can help with managing the work that setting up and taking down require. We are scaling back on things, but we still need you to help where you can! Things to consider: Pick up and drop off of PA equipment, and same for Kids stuff. Chair set up and take down. Kids & Tots. Bridge Kids. PA Person. Zoom Tech. We’ll start sign up at the park, August 22. Please be considering how you can help.

A map of Rotary Stadium in Abbotsford, showing the position of the Legacy Building

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