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Looking for volunteers

We are starting a new year and have lots of opportunities for folk who are feeling like the bridge is home to get involved. There are many different things, almost as many as there are types of people, so let us know what fits you best. You are welcome to try anything out before you commit to a team for a season.
There are 5 live Sundays between now and Christmas - where can you slot in?

And, side note, whether you join a team or not, you belong here.

Here are the spots we have open at this point

1. Parking and directing folks into the building.

2. Welcome Table

3. Bridge Kids

4. Tech & zoom team (training available)

5. Room set up and take down

6. Roadies to get things to and from the storage unit on a Sunday

7. Coffee

We would love to hear from you if you are able to help out in any of these ways!

Please contact the office if you are able to help, and we will get you connected with the right person!

Thanks for considering, and hopefully helping with things at The Bridge!

Sarah, Eden, Karina, Sylvia and all others who run teams!

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