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Jan 21, 2024 - Visio

A person sewing. Quote Doing and making are acts of hope... Sister Corita Kent

This is the image we used for Visio Divina when we gathered on zoom this weekend.

Use the steps below to help engage with the image if you need them to assist you.

Step 1
Relax. Closing your eyes and focusing on your breath can be a helpful way to center yourself in Love, and God’s presence. 

Step 2
Gaze at the entire picture. Notice the shapes, the colours, and the lighting. Notice the detail. Read the words.
Once you have visually canvased the painting and quote, note what has drawn your attention.
Just name it or identify it, don’t try and work out why as we’ll do that next.

Step 3
Meditate on the part of the photo that has drawn your attention.
How is God speaking to you?
Why do you think God drew your attention to this particular part?
Is a message conveyed that pertains to your life today?
Do you sense an invitation? Do you hear a call?
Is a memory aroused?

Step 4
Allow these thoughts to descend to your heart.
Is there an emotion that is evoked?
What word describes your inner stirring as you embrace this feeling?
Allow God’s communication to touch you deep within where the Spirit dwells.

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