Questions on John 11

JOHN 11:1-44    

Do you ever wonder if Jesus understands how you feel?
This Bible story shows Jesus having deep feelings and emotions.

1. Read it

2. Who is the closest person to you who has passed away?

3. Since Jesus knew He was going to raise Lazarus (11:11) how do you account for His weeping (33-35)?

4. How does Jesus’ response to Lazarus’ death and Mary’s weeping (35) help you trust Him more?

5. How do you respond to Jesus’ statement and question in verses 25 & 26?

Lazarus came out of the grave with the grave clothes still around him. Jesus could easily have dealth with the grave clothes as He raised Lazarus but instead Jesus asked the people around to take them off him. We need each other to help identify and shed those things that we have already been freed from but still kind of hang on to us.

6. What are some “old grave clothes” that are still inhibiting your feeling of freedom in Christ?

7. Pray for each other, share with a friend and pray with them or share your prayer request on our prayer wall which you'll find a link to on the home page.

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