Love is spiritual warfare…

"How does love do it?  How does love succeed again and again against astounding odds in coaxing people out of the secure darkness of their selfishness and into the humility and exposure of it's own searing light?  One explanation that may be offered, at the risk of sounding facile, is that love beats the ego at it’s own game. As the only quality that exists for and of itself alone and not in reaction against anything else, love turns out to be the only legitimate egoism, the purest manifestation of selfhood.  In fact, it is the only state in which self can really exist.  When the illegitimate self, the one that is founded upon human pride and illusion, comes up against the real thing, it cannot stand.  It has found what it has been struggling all along to be and so crumbles with shame, relief, joy, realization.  No more is it afraid of losing itself, for it has been found.  Love wins over selfishness by actually making the whole concept of self obsolete, or at least by redefining it out of all recognition.  For it is the special magic of love to demonstrate convincingly that the real goal of self, which is total self-sufficiency, can be achieved only by way of total self-sacrifice.  Only love is completely self-sufficient, for only love has nothing whatsoever to lose in spilling itself out, since that is its very nature.”

The Mystery of Marriage by Mike Mason, p. 72

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