What is a Christian?

A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ.  Someone trying to walk in love in any and every situation of life.  

When I use the word, “trying” that’s the human part that we don’t have the perfection of God as expressed in Jesus.  So when we fail, the Bible calls it “sin”, which is an archery term for missing the mark.  I think we Canadians are better served using the words “off-side” as in hockey.  sin makes me think I’m no good and should be shamed and never come to God again.  But “off-side” is a more accurate way to think about what Jesus is saying.  
You get on-side and carry on.  God still loves you, you just accidentally, or will-fully crossed a line.  A line in society, a line that hurt another person, or a line that crossed your own personal values.  In ice-hockey it’s not devastating to go off-side, it happens in the game, as imperfect players experience the game together.  

Obviously I’m saying more here about dealing with how we react when we get it wrong, as a Christian.  Because that’s usually what trips us up. 

When love happens it’s an incredible experience that draws us close to God even though we aren’t or weren’t away from Him.  The sense of purpose and meaning and shalom as we flow with the love of God on this planet.  


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