1&2 Samuel series

The 55 chapters of 1&2 Samuel would take us just over a year to complete if we only dealt with one chapter at a time as we have with previous books that we have studied together. So we are going to cover the whole of these two books in a twelve week series before the Advent season is upon us in December.

We need your help as we go through these books. Would you read along with us? It would be impossible to read and talk on three or four or even more chapters in a regular length sermon. If you read along with the passages we will be teaching on then you will have a sense of the narrative we are addressing in the sermon. 

So, please join us, here is a list of the dates and passages to take us through 1&2 Samuel. Some passages are longer than others to hold story lines together. Hopefully it will flow nicely this way.

Sep 8 - 1 Sam 4-7
Sep 15 - 1 Sam 8-12
Sep 22 - 1 Sam 13-15
Sep 29 - 1 Sam 16
Oct 6 - 1 Sam 17-20
Oct 13 - 1 Sam 21-25
Oct 20 - 1 Sam 26 - 2 Sam 1
Oct 27 - 2 Sam 2-5
Nov 3 - 2 Sam 6-9
Nov 11 - 2 Sam 10-12
Nov 18 - 2 Sam 13-14
Nov 25 - 2 Sam 15-24

And if you have any thoughts as you are reading, shoot an email to the office and it will be forwarded on to the speaker that week. We are in this together after all.  


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