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Easter Season - the Holy Spirit

Easter Season
Easter Sunday is the day we celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead but this isn’t a one day only kind of thing - Jesus is alive and that’s good news for every week! This is Easter, part 6, then there’s just one more Easter Sunday before the festival of Pentecost (50 days after Easter)

On Sunday…
We had a fun show and tell and found items in our houses that have come from different countries as well as our own. We talked about the best export of all - the love of God and good news of Jesus and how the Holy Spirit got Philip in the right place and the right time to help get the news to Ethiopia.

Challenge: In the world
God loves people all over the world. Have an international feast this week and make food from another country. Thank God for the good news that is spreading in the place that you are eating food from. As you say thanks for the food thank God for his love spreading in that place too.

Worship Dance Party
Worship isn’t fabulous on Zoom and so I’ve put together a playlist on Spotify that we’d have used if we were face to face.


This coming Sunday
God’s love is big enough for everyone!
When Peter was speaking the Holy Spirit came on everyone who was listening whether they were Jews or not.
Peter saw this and realized that it meant that God loves everyone and that everyone, Jew and Gentile (non-Jew) was included in His family.
Read the story for yourself in Acts 10:44-48

Learn together
‘I loved you as the Father loved me. Now remain in my love.’ Jesus.
John 15:9

Let’s Pray
Dear God, you offer your Holy Spirit to everyone! This is good news for the whole world and includes me and and my friends and my family. Thank you. Amen.

Prep for Sunday - thank you!
The kids will need a piece of paper that has been made into a square already - any paper will work but white printer paper is perfect.

Question of the week
Ask yourself, as a sibling, as a parent, ask a friend - even ask a stranger…

What is one new skill you want to learn?

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