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Easter Season - Philip's story

Easter Season
Easter Sunday is the day we celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead but this isn’t a one day only kind of thing - Jesus is alive and that’s good news for every week! This is Easter, part 5

On Sunday…
We did some crafting from the junk we had lying around and talked about why this might be a good thing as we care for the planet. We talked about Jesus, the Good Shepherd, who cares for us and what and who, in turn, we care for.

Challenge: In our family & friends
Review your family safety plans.
How can your child call you for help? (Review home/mobile/work numbers.)
Who should they call if you can’t be reached?
Remind them of all the “shepherds” in their life who can help them when they are in a tough spot.

Worship Dance Party
Worship isn’t fabulous on Zoom and so I’ve put together a playlist on Spotify that we’d have used if we were face to face.


This coming Sunday
There are stories about people who followed Jesus that we can read in the bible. This week we’ll talk about Philip and how God used him to spread the Good News of Jesus a really long way. Jesus is good news for the whole world.
Read it ahead in Acts 8:26-40

Learn together
This is the message of Good News… that there is peace with God through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all. Acts 10:36

Let’s Pray
Dear God, keep our eyes and ears open for people we can show and tell about your good news. Amen

Prep for Sunday - thank you!
We’ll have a show and tell this week - bring something interesting to show us and talk about… I’ll let you figure out what that will be.
It is also the Bridge’s birthday this weekend - the bridge is 15! Crazy! We’ll celebrate that together… maybe bring some cake?

Question of the week
Ask yourself, as a sibling, as a parent, ask a friend - even ask a stranger…

What would you try if you knew you would not fail?

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