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Never alone - who is in the boat?

July 4 - no gathering (long weekend)
July 11 - kids @ home - Compassion Camp Week 1
July 18 - OUTDOOR GATHERING at Matsqui Village Park
July 25 - kids @ home - Compassion Camp Week 2
August 1 - no gathering (long weekend)
August 8 - kids @ home - Compassion Camp Week 3
August 15 - kids @ home - Compassion Camp Week 4
August 22 - OUTDOOR GATHERING at Matsqui Village Park
August 29 - kids @ home - Compassion Camp Week 5
September 5 - no gathering (long weekend)

Covid protocol details will come in the week ahead of the outdoor gatherings

On Sunday…
We looked at seeds and we thought about Jesus’ stories about a seed growing in secret and how that might tell us about Jesus. We talked about small seeds growing in to big plants that make fruit of their own and how amazing that is and how when we do small kind things they can grow really big too.

NEVER ALONE! Challenge
We chose two sneaky kindness challenges for this week
leave a little piece of paper with a kind note in the pocket of pants or a jacket in a store for the person who gets to buy it - eventually
write a kind note on a sticky note and leave it in a public washroom (like at school or in a coffee shop or…)
The thing about these is you’ll have no idea what happened to them, but it’ll be fun to wonder.

Worship Dance Party
Worship isn’t just singing…
Worship isn’t fabulous on Zoom and so I’ve put together a playlist on Spotify that we’d have used if we were face to face.


This coming Sunday
When things get stormy (as they do) it’s great to know that Jesus is with you. He can calm storms. I wonder though, I wonder how long it took the wind and waves to calm down when Jesus told it to do that. What do you think?
Read it together: Mark 4:35-41

Learn together
Even the wind and the waves obey Him. Mark 4:41b

Let’s Pray
Our Father, we know that each day we will face difficult situations. We are thankful that as we sail through life, you are always there to calm the storms. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Prep for Sunday - thank you!
There’s nothing to get ready this week, we’ll make the gathering of things part of a game.

Question of the week
Ask yourself, ask a sibling, ask a parent, ask a friend - even ask a stranger…

What do you do when you are scared?

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